Fish Feeders

Increasingly popular, automatic fish feeders are no longer used solely for holidays and are recommended for permanent aquarium and pond use. Food is served over several hours keeping fish active and reducing the danger of over-feeding. All Fish Mate feeders are very versatile and are fitted with reliable quartz timers.

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  • Fishmate F14 Aquarium Feeder
    Part Code: 207  This versatile feeder may be mounted on the aquarium hood, on a condensation tray, or on the glass edge of the aquarium with the brackets provided. Reliable and accurate quartz timer   Over 1 year’s continuous use from 1x AA battery    Serves up to 14..
    Ex Tax: £21.66 £25.99
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  • Fishmate P21 Pond Feeder
    Part Code: 211  For smaller ponds and large aquariums, the P21 will dispense food daily over a period of several hours for approx 21 days. The fully weatherproofed P21 may be pole-mounted at waters edge or suspended over the water. Reliable and accurate quartz timer Over 1 year’s con..
    Ex Tax: £38.23 £45.88
  • Fishmate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder
    It is important to your fishes’ health that they are fed regular controlled portions in order to maximise growth and vitality, without the risks of overfeeding. Variable feed sizes are dispensed at times programmed by you or on demand at the touch of a button. Ideal for holiday feeding, the feeder’s..
    Ex Tax: £70.06 £84.07
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