Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

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Fish Mate P7000 Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

Picture shows fish Mate P7000 sizes height 350mm feeding tube 100mm base 200mm 300mm wide


A reliable pond feeder recommended by customers first thing we should mention is the number of customers that buy more units after getting used to the first one. Setting up the timing of the feeds so you can be there is great the fish get used to the regular routine feeding more than once a day helps to get your fish active and regular meals are better than binge eating.

It is important to your fishes’ health that they are fed regular controlled portions in order to maximise growth and vitality, without the risks of overfeeding.

Variable feed sizes are dispensed at times programmed by you or on-demand at the touch of a button. Ideal for holiday feeding, the feeder’s green colour blends harmoniously into the garden environment.

The Fish Mate Pond Feeder is suited to larger ponds for use with pellet or ‘stick’ food. Variable feed sizes are dispensed at programmed times or on-demand at the touch of a button. 

  • 7 Litre (30 cups) span capacity dry food hopper.
  • Easy to use LCD control with approximately 6 to 9 months battery life in continuous use (requires 4 x ‘C’ batteries, not included)
  • Unique feed mechanism ensures accurate and consistent feed sizes from 15ml (3 teaspoons) upwards
  • Weather-resistant snap lock lid
  • Can be fastened to a secure base for increased stability
  • Suitable for most popular food sticks and pellets
  • Easy clean, dishwasher-proof hopper, lid, nozzle and feed screw


21cm x 21cm x 36cm Tall



The overhang of the feeding tube is 100mm so as a standard unit this means the feeder needs to be kept near the edge of the pond.

To ensure the feeder never blows over into the pond it will need to be fixed to some heavy solid marine grade wood. This feeder is designed for exterior use and is watertight.

The feeding tube is covered to prevent rain from causing the fish feed to block up.

This unit has quite a powerful motor and it needs 4 size C batteries to run it.

The control unit is designed so it can't be easily tampered with and due to this, you may find the programming buttons a bit stiff to use.

Safety first.

After programming set the feeder up away from the pond for a couple of days so you can assess the amount of food served is correct and check that your desired programming is work as you planned.

Changing Batteries.

The programme will hold its memory for 60 seconds during the battery change.

Picture shows the fish mate lcd screen and programme buttons

Please do read the reviews and take a look at the Fish Mate p7000 instructions below.

Download Product Manual

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Batteries Required 4 x C
Average Battery Life approximately 6 to 9 months
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Number of Meals 300+
Number of meals per day 1 - 3
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